If you want a quote for a home inspection, contact me.

A typical inspection takes 1 hour per 1,000 square foot (2,500 set = 2 1/2 hours  *add an hour for a pool.

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is your home WORTH A QUALITY INSPECTION? let ME help.

Buyer - Let me know of any concerns you have before I start ("the seller told me there was a leak in the upstairs bathroom").  I will start on the outside of the property and work my way inside.  You are more than welcome to follow along and ask questions ("what does this device do?").  Usually, the buyer spends this time looking over the house and taking measurements.  I will brief you on my findings at the end of my inspection.  At any time, feel free to ask me questions.  

Seller - I will arrive on time.  You or a Realtor must let me in.  I don't have any special keys.  Please let me know if there are any hidden spaces, locked doors, secret switches, etc...  I am going to operate the dishwasher, air conditioning, furnace, microwave and garbage disposal.  I will open the electric panel (if it is painted, I will carefully cut along the outside of the panel to open it.)  I need access to everywhere.  If anything is blocked or locked, I will have to come back when it is unblocked ($).  Areas most commonly blocked:

1. Furnace

2. Water heater

3. Attic entrance

4. Crawlspace entrance

5. Sink plumbing

6. Electric panel

7. Windows

8. Closets

9. Fireplaces

10. Water pressure regulator